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What Will Your Report Contain

Home Inspection Reports are delieverd to clients same day via email and text.  Each report will include a multitude of photos as well as videos.

Videos are included in your report to help with the uderstanding of what you are seeing and includes first person audio explaining what we are looking at.

Full video tour of the attic (areas that are able to be safely inspected)

Full Video tour of crawlspace (when crawlspaces are present and able to be safely inspected)

Videos with audio discription of most deficiencies observed at the time of inspeciton.

Meet Your Inspector


Matthew Nordin

Licensed and Insured in Tennessee

I pride myself in having a keen eye for detail, my general knowledge gained through eduction regarding general (building practices, plumbing concepts, electrical concepts, HVAC concepts, and more), my strong work ethic and strong customer service abilities having worked my entire life in customer service style industries.  My Home Inspections typically last three to four hours and sometimes longer depending on size of the house and other unforseen circumstances.

I got started in Home Inspection in order to bring a better quality of life to my family, becoming a client of High Caliber Home Inspection makes you part of my every growing family and you will be treated as such.  I exert every effort to make sure you (the client) become fully informed through my inspection and that every thing within the inspection report is understood.  This means I will meet you after the inspection, spend an hour on the phone going over the inspection, or do anything in my power to help you understand every part of the inspection report.  I have been very grateful for the journey my family and I have started and the passion I have formed in helping home buyers in their journey of home buying. 

I utilize an advanced inspection software that streamlines the inspection process allowing me to complete your inspection in an efficient manner.  Included in each inspection report will be a multitude of photographs and short videos that encompass what was document during the inspection, on average there will be 60 to 100 photographs and videos.  Most times inspections will be completed the moment that I leave the property and will be available to the you (the client) as soon as it is published.

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